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Texas Chapter Previous Award Recipients (Revised September 20, 2016)


1978    T. Lewis Austin and V.A. Clements
1979    E. C. "Dick" Weekley, State Sen. W. T. "Bill" Moore, and Mrs. Wilmer Smith
1980    R. F. "Dick" Hartman, J. D. Sartwelle, and Mr. Sam Speir Poole
1981    Curly Hays, Bill Waddle, State Rep. Bill Presnal
1982    State Rep. Leroy Wheating, Billie McCraw, and Jim Rudd
1983    None awarded
1984    J. M. Price, Del Deterling, and William N. "Billy" Powers
1985    Kenneth Pape, Verlin Callahan, and Robert Heard
1986    State Sen. John A. Traeger, State Sen. D.R. "Tom" Uher, and State Rep. Robert M. Saunders
1987    None awarded
1988    None awarded
1989    State Rep. Rick Perry, Charles Taylor, and Rev. Robert B. Greene
1990    James E. "Pete" Laney, Threasa Leatherman, and William M. " Bill" Streckert
1991    Horace McQueen, David Mayo, and S. M. True, Jr.
1992    None awarded
1993    Sam Seale, Craig Shook, and Graddy Tunnell
1994    The Honorable Loy E. Sneary
1995    Jack Esberspacher, Randall Conner, and Steve Lewis
1996    Jim Barron, Senator Teel Bivins, and Keith Streety
1997    Larry Combest, Talmadge Heflin, and Alvin W. Jones
1998    Warren Chisum
1999    Texas Department of Public Safety, David Swinford, and Bob Givens
2000    Morrison Milling Company, R. L. "Bud O'Shieles, and Texas Department of Health
2001    Scott Swanson and Kay Ledbetter
2002    Chef Michael Chornyak, Maxine Hammonds-Smith, and C.E. Williams
2003    Ross Wilson and James D. Yarbrough
2004    None awarded
2005    Shawn & Jan Irvine, Moody Gardens, Galveston Island, and Cathryn Wright, Opportunity Plan Inc.
2006    Chris Albracht, KGNC, Amarillo
2007    Texas Cancer Council, Austin
2008    None awarded
2009    Jack Wendt
2010    Jim McCord
2011    None awarded
2012    Lone Star Convention Center
2013    Gaye Hammond
2014    Shannon Payne, Allied Fire Protection
2015    Mary K. Staff
2016    None awarded


1987    Sherry Jones
1988    Tamara Dean
1989    Carrie Brazeal
1990    Mark Brown, Dolores Sandmann, and Linda Williams-Willis
1991    Jennifer Cumbie, Billie Kniffen, Angie W. Monk, Donna M. Peters, and Mark L. Waller
1992    Charles Hall, Charles E. Kothmann, and Guadalupe F. Landeros
1993    Leesa Wood Cavi, Dan D. Fromme, and Janie Marquiss
1995    Joan I. Gillespie and Marty H. Graves
1996    Sarah Anderson, Stan J. Beavers, Joyce Cavanagh, and Cheryl L. Supak
1997    Brant Baugh, Pam Traylor, and Rebecca D. Zehetner
1998    Angela B. Burkham, Dale Dunlap, F. Scott Edmonson, and Dorothy E. James
1999    Richard E. Parrish, Marlene Albers, Kenny Brdecko, and Lynna Wrights
2000    Amy Ressler, Sue P. Church, Julie Massey, and Lawrence Falconer
2001    Linda Jouridine, Toby Lepley, Ted McCollum, and Joe Outlaw
2002    Jason L. Johnson, Terrie Casey Looney, and Raymond F. Bader
2003    Kevin Chilek, Stephen Greene, and Jennifer Jannssen
2004    Mr. Brad Davis, Ms. Kalico Karr Leech, and Ms. Michelle Warren
2005    Carol Brouwer, Andrew B. Crocker, and Dr. Paul R. Nester
2006    Steven L. Klose, Rick Peterson, and Dawn Watson
2007    William (Bill) Holcombe, Diana (DeDe) Jones, and Stacy D. Morris
2008    Karan Heffelfinger, Cory M. Talley, and Karen Tellman
2009    Alice Kirk, Joe Mask, and John Park
2010    Brandon Gregson, Timothy Sandles, and Misty Young
2011    Caroline Cruz and Lindy Tefteller
2012    Courtney Latour and Phoenix Rogers
2013    Michael Potter and Alexis Cordova
2014    Dianne L. Gertson and Andrea Valdez
2015    Allison Watkins
2016    Jymann Davis and Justin Saenz


1988    Lynn Thibodeaux
1989    Susan Russell
1990    Carl G. Anderson, John Gilmartin, Marilyn May, and Stanley Young
1991    Talma Benavides, Lawrence A. Lippke, Linda S. Lynch, Darlene Myatt, and Lynn White
1992    Donna Edwards, Colleen Chadwick, Susan Quiring, and Felicitas Salas
1993    Nancy Fuhrkan and Patricia Anderson Rasor
1994    Carrie T. Brazeal, Joseph D. Janak, Jr., Gayle Laine, and Sandra Wuest
1995    Thomas Fuchs, Theresa Baires, Barbara A. Sulak, and Joan Chancler
1996    Faith F. Ballard, Leesa Wood Calvi, Carolyn J. Nobles, and Dolores Sandmann
1997    Dale Fritz, Nancy Granovsky, Kandy McWhorter, and Martha Alice Spraberry
1998    Beverly K. Harder, Vincent Mannino, and Larry A. Stein
1999    Pamela Brown, Marjorie Cleland, Billy Kniffen, and Cheryl Supak
2000    Mary McMullen, Glenn Avriett, Dorothy James, and Scott Strawn
2001    Linda Ladd, Jackie Smith, Janie Harris, and Lillianne Goeders
2002    Stephen H. Amosson, Angela Burkham, and Julie K. Massey
2003    Jeff Howard, Cheryl Newberry, and Tom Benton
2004    Ronald Holcomb, Dr. Darlene Locke, William M. Johnson
2005    Dr. Joyce Cavanagh, Joan Gray-Soria, and Elizabeth Trejo
2006    Rodney Finch and Luis H. Saldaņa
2007    None awarded
2008    Nelson T. Daniels
2009    Stan Bevers and Julie Smith
2010    Sheryl Nolen
2011    Amy Ressler and Terrie Looney
2012    Starla Garlick and Tonya Poncik
2013    Dr. Sonja Steuart-Davis and Dr. Allen Malone
2014    Sharon Trower and Alexis Cordova
2015    None awarded
2016    Daphne Richards and Dr. Paul Nester


1978    Ben D. Cook, Joe Rothe, Beatrice Rubenstein, and Meatra Harrison
1979    W.W. "Bill" Grisham, Garlyn O. Hoffman, Myrtle Garrett, Dempsey Seastrunk, and Lowell Cure
1980    Marshal Crouch, Florence Low, Thelma Wirges, Bill Lobello, and Don Cowan
1981    Daniel C. Pfannstein, L.A. Maddox, Jr., Mark Geeslin, Juanice Boyd, and Thurman Kennedy
1982    Jennie Kitching, William E. Black, John R. Beverly, Robert H. Kensing, and Billy C. Gunter
1983    None awarded
1984    H.T. "Tom" Davidson and Doyle L. Moore
1985    None awarded
1986    None awarded
1987    Rita Jo Baxter, JaneBlay, Gloria Schwarzlose, Frederica Seaman, and Toy Smith
1988    Pat Seaman, Joyce Carlen, Dempsey Seastrunk, Waverly Jefferson, and Shirley Johnson
1989    Milo Shult, Mary Mahoney, Wayne Hayenga, Geraldine Kelley, and Sandra Henson
1990    Zerle L. Carpenter, Hoover Carden, William F. Braden, Martha Couch, and Bob J. Ragsdale
1991    Kaye Harkey Woodward, Jerrilyn L. Ray, Wynon Mayes, Mary D. W. Forbus, and Carl G. Anderson
1992    Jerry L. Lackey and Mary V. Strickland
1995    Kathy Volanty, Marilyn Sebesta, James E. Engbrock, and Susan K. Russell
1996    Ernest E. Davis, Kenneth L. Denmark, Billy Warrick, and Diane Welch
1997    Donna Brauchi, Mary Hall, Nancy Lester, and Lynn White
1998    Harvey Buehring, Shirley Brown, Bouche Mickey, and Teresa L. Smith
1999    Cynthia Shattles, Susie Breitling, and Jim Allison
2000    Linda Mock, Ed Smith, Robert Devin, and Linda Lynch
2001    Alma Fonseca, Nancy Granovsky, Bill Adams, and Cheryl Brewer
2002    Sandra M. Farris, Robert B. Schwart, Jr., and Pamela W. Terry
2003    Gayle Hall, Dan James, and Cathy Broun
2004    Billy J. Gillum and Dr. Ron Howard
2005    Sandra Fry, Dr. Jo Lynn Jennings, and Leicia Redwine
2006    Leesa Wood Calvi, Dolores Sandman, and Deborah B. Watt
2007    Dwight D. Callis and Peggy Hughes
2008    Carrie T. Brazeal and Greg Cronholm
2009    Mike Heimer, William Johnson, and Vincent Mannino
2010    Julie Massey and Diana Weise
2011    Elizabeth Trejo and Deborah Watt
2012    Deana Sageser
2013    Amy Ressler
2014    Dr. Allen Malone
2015    None awarded
2016    Dr. Dale Fritz


1990    Milo Shult, Burl Richardson, and Howard Ladewig
1991    William Knoop and Robert Whitney
1992    Diane M. Weise and Billy A. Kniffen
1993    Carolyn Brown, Rick Hirsch, Marty Graves, Kenneth E. Ninast, Fred Burrell, Keith Hansen, Wayne Lacy, Joe Radford, Joyce Shipp, Cheryl Brewer, Brian Cummins, Denise Stapleton, Johnny Cates, and Angela Dickey
1994    Ricky Jahn and Allen Zwahr
1995    Susie E. Spurlock and James I. Allison
1996    Partners for Parenting Team--Dr. Dorothy E. James, Dr. Sarah L. Anderson, and Diane Thames Welch
1997    Coordinated Campaign Safe and Sober--Jamie Harris and Marlene Albers
1998    Workforce 2000--Jim Allison, Leesa Wood Calvi, Robert Devin, and Alby Peters
1999    Year of Safety--Patricia Hohensee and Brandon Morgan
2000    Galveston Bay Yards & Neighbors Program--Julie Massey and William Johnson
2001    PanHandle Agri-Partners--Bob Robinson, Steve Amosson, Robert Devin, Scott Strawn, Chris Blount, and Dennis Newton
2002    Texas 4-H Swine Project Development--Bob Robinson, Stanley Young, Scott Strawn, Angela B. Burkham, Jodi Sterle, and Danny Nusser
2003    4-H and Youth Military Program in Bell & Coryell Counties--Faith Ballard, Donna Martin, Julie Gardner, and Marilyn Prause
2004    Food Safety Program--Ms. Patricia Hohensee, Jan Yanez, and Millissa Wright
2005    Better Living for Texans--Tom LeRoy, Mike Heimer, Linda L. Mock, M. Michelle Warren, Sheryl A. Nolen, and Lilly Dorney
2006    Harris County Inmate Re-entry Life Skills Program--Elizabeth Trejo, Clemogene Wilson, and Jo Lynn Jennings
2007    Fashions' from the Cotton Patch--Sandra Fry, Joe Mask, Marilyn Simmons, Jacque Gerke, Mary Staff, and American Sewing Guild
2008    None awarded
2009    Sandy Fry and Marilyn Simmons
2010    Career Quest Team -- Shelley R. Pappas and Misty Young
2011    Texas High Plains Risk Management Education -- DeDe Jones and Jay Yates
2012    Mr. Etouffee--Jefferson County (Starla Garlick, Terrie Looney, Barbara Evans, and Ricky Thompson)
2013    Vegetable Conference--Tonya McKenzie, Dr. Sonja Davis, Dr. Allen Malone, Sheryl Nolan, and Ricky Mahaley
2014    Gulf Coast Classic--Bill Holcombe, Shane Jennings, Courtney Latour, Phonex Rogers, Xiomara Diaz-Vargas, Marcus Glenn, and Joe Mask
2015    None awarded
2016    None awarded


1994    Joe Doby
1995    Catherine Crawford
1996    Dorothy Taylor
1997    Arthur Barlemann, Jr.
1998    Lee A. Wilson
1999    Wynon Mayes
2000    Alby Peters
2001    Jennie Kitching
2002    Jim Allison
2003    None awarded
2004    Mr. Bill Adams, Fay Roef, and Dr. Mary Marshall
2005    Robert Devin
2006    Bill Harris
2007    None awarded
2008    None awarded
2009    None awarded
2010    None awarded
2011    Billy Warrick
2012    None awarded
2013    Marilyn Sebesta
2014    Dwight D. Callis
2015    None awarded
2016    None awarded


1997    Marjean Brown, Sally Hayes, Bobbie Jean Maxie, and Betty Roliard
1988    Rodolfo Alaniz, Bev Kellner, Marcella L. Martin, and Elizabeth Ryan
1999    Susan Lee, Carrie Huntzinger, Patricia M. Jones, Susan Booth
2000    Norma Condel, Clydean Norris, and Rosemary Rodriguez
2001    Michelle Coffman, Vicki Concannon, Caroline Gleaton, and Tracy Davis
2002    Peggy Coleman, Jane Lane, and Jo Lynn Reynolds
2003    Cheryl K. Brock, Sue B. Ferguson, Dan Krienke, Pearlie Love, and Joyce G. Walker
2004    Ms. Phyllis Campbell, Allison Finley, Karsten Pearce, and Barbara Szymczak
2005    Vickie Bartlett, Linda Bice, Saunna Blacksher, Sandra R. Gammon, and Lori Martin
2006    Nancy Bryant, Lou Garza, Rosabelle Leal, Shawna K. Manning, and Renee Spencer
2007    Mirna B. Flores, Rachel R. Greer, Penny Pounders, Ben Raineri, Johnnie Rudd, and Douglas T. Staff
2008    Pam Axtell
2009    Peggy Coleman, Helen Mueller, and Mary Staff
2010    Susan Caraway, Tambelyn Maggiolino, and Earlene Taylor
2011    Ruthie Huddlen and Carrie Huntzinger
2012    None awarded
2013    Melissa Mewa and Kim Peveto
2014    Melissa Anderson and Diana Todd
2015    None awarded
2016    None awarded


1996    Dr. Zerle L. Carpenter
1997    Dr. Bob Robinson
1998    None awarded
1999    Dr. Chester Fehlis
2000    Dr. Margaret Hale
2001    Dr. Martha Couch
2002    Dr. Bonnie D. McGee
2003    Dr. Dale Fritz
2004    None awarded
2005    Dr. Stephen H. Amosson
2006    None awarded
2007    None awarded
2008    Dr. Tom W. Fuchs
2009    Dr. Ed Smith
2010    None awarded
2011    None awarded
2012    None awarded
2013    None awarded
2014    None awarded
2015    None awarded
2015    Dr. Judith Warren


2003    Ms. Cathy Broun, Dr. Alma M. Fonseca, Mr. Billy J. Gillum, Dr. Nancy Granovsky, Michael Heimer, C. Jack Hunter, and Linda L. Mock
2004    Teresa Criswell Smith, Dr. Jo Lynn Jennings, and Dr. Dale A. Fritz
2005    Pamela Foster, Gayle W. Hall, and Dr. Ron A. Howard
2006    None awarded
2007    Judy Winn
2008    Delores Sandmann
2009    Dwight Don Callis, Sandy Fry, and Vincent Mannino
2010    None awarded
2011    None awarded
2012    None awarded
2013    Elizabeth Trejo
2014    William Johnson
2015    None awarded
2016    None awarded


2005    Dawn Watson
2006    Deborah B. Watt
2007    Elizabeth Trejo
2008    Delores Sandmann
2009    Flora Williams
2010    None awarded
2011    Caroline Cruz
2012    Sonja Stueart-Davis
2013    Fralonda W. Anderson
2014    Angela Bosier
2015    Amy Ressler
2016    Dr. Terrie Looney


2005    Building Community Inclusion-- Dr. Darlene Locke, Neal Brenner, Laurinda Boyd, Sheryl Nolen, and Lillianne Goeders
2006    District 9 Child Care Providers Conference--Marilyn H. Simmons, Peggy W. Adams, Shanna L. Kutac, Alma M. Fonseca, Anita D. Devillier, Sandra K. Fry, Jennifer J. Garza, Flora E. Williams, Jo Lynn Jennings, Elizabeth Trejo, Clemogene Wilson, Jacqueline Jone, Mary F. Hall, Sandra Henson, Tonya T. Poncik, Linda R. Mock, Sheryl A. Nolen, Paula S. Tacker, Kathryn Turner, and Lynna K. Wright
2007    None awarded
2008    None awarded
2009    None awarded
2010    Health Rocks - Greater Houston -- Sheryl Nolen, Marie Kenney, Kristy Titzman, Alexis Cordova, and Flora Williams
2011   None awarded
2012    Multi-County Child Care Collaborative -- Barbara Evans, Alexis Cordova, Lindy Pitre, and Paula Tacker
2013    Urban Agriculture (Harris County) -- Tonya McKenzie, Dr. Sonja Davis, Dr. Allen Malone, Sheryl Nolan, and Ricky Mahaley
2014    Grow Eat Go Project (Harris County)-- Dr. Sonja Steuart-Davis, Elizabeth Trejo, Sheryl Nolen, Tonya McKenzie and Ashley Moore
2015    Veterinary Science Certificate Program -- Dr. Joe Mask, Angela Bossier, Justin Saenz, and Jennifer Cheeseman
2016    Equipping and Empowering Minorities with Diabetes Education -- Dr. Ninfa Pena-Purcell, Liz Buckner, Lorrie J. Coop, Courtney M. Davis, Jymann Davis, CEA-FCS, Galveston County, Kay Davis, Dr. Sonja L. Stueart-Davis, Dianne L. Gertson, and Jackie McLaughlin


2006    Susan Breitling
2007    None awarded
2008    None awarded
2009    Marilyn Simmons
2010    None awarded
2011    Dale Fritz
2012    None awarded
2013    Michael E. Heimer
2014    Paul Nester
2015    None awarded
2016    Elizabeth Trejo and Dr. William Johnson


2006    Dr. Dale A. Fritz
2007    Vincent J. Mannino
2008    None awarded
2009    None awarded
2010    None awarded
2011    None awarded
2012    None awarded
2013    None awarded
2014    None awarded
2015    Dr. Allen Malone
2016    None awarded