2012 Member Awards & Recognition Program
Alpha Zeta Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi

Distinguished Service Award
Deana Sageser, D2, Hale County

Mid-Career Award
Starla Garlick, D9, Jefferson County
Tonya Poncik, D9, Lee County

Early Career Award
Courtney Latour, D9, Brazoria County
Phoenix Rogers, D9, Galveston County

Diversity/Multicultural Individual Recognition
Sonja Stueart-Davis, D9, Harris County

Diversity/Multicultural Team Recognition
Multi-County Child Care Collaborative
Barbara Evans, D9, Jefferson County
Alexis Cordova, D9, Liberty County
Lindy Pitre, D9, Chambers County
Paula Tacker, D9, Orange County

Team Award
Mr. Etouffee--Jefferson County
Starla Garlick, D9
Terrie Looney, D9
Barbara Evans, D9
Ricky Thompson, D9

Entries submitted for 2013 Regional and National Awards