2001 State Epsilon Sigma Phi Awards

Alpha Zeta Chapter

Presented January 10, 2002
Agriculture Program Headquarters Staff Conference

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State Meritorious Support Service Award

No Photo Available for Michelle Coffman
Michelle Coffman has served as Senior Secretary/Assistant Office manager for the South Plains District since 1997. Prior to this position Michelle served as an Extension secretary in Hale county for the IPM and FCS programs. Michelle has been a virtual and literal enemy of the boll weevil for the past ten years, supporting entomological efforts at both the county and district level. Michelle has developed expertise as a Web Master and with the TTVN system. Michelle is a positive role model who is respected and emulated by other staff. She is always willing to help others.
Vicki Concannon - Click for a Larger Image Vicki Concannon receives this award for outstanding support service contributions to FDRM. Vicki joined Extension in 1999, and currently serves as Administrative Assistant for FDRM. She has been a key force behind the excellence that FDRM programs bring to the families of Texas and is dedicated to Extension's mission. Vicki is highly regarded and respected in her department and within the agency for her assertive leadership and teamwork approach, creative problem-solving, and her support of a positive work environment.
Caroline Gleaton - Click for a Larger Image Caroline Gleaton receives this award for over 22 years of exemplary service to Texas Cooperative Extension. She provides outstanding support to Extension clientele by effectively and professionally assisting in the preparation and delivery of educational programs and materials in the areas of; risk management, cotton marketing, grain marketing and policy, and economic conditions. Besides managing databases, preparing visuals and hand out materials, developing advertising brochures, tracking financial records, and handling extension paperwork, she also co-authors and updates the annual extension publication " Facts about Texas and U.S. Agriculture" with Dr. Carl Anderson. Caroline is creative, cooperative, pleasant, loyal, professional and highly productive. She is a true example of excellence in service and is a model for other Texas Cooperative Extension employees.
Tracy Davis - Click for a Larger Image Tracy Davis began her career with Extension twelve years ago and has been Technical Secretary in the department of Agricultural Economics for over 9 years. Tracy embodies and exhibits all of the attributes expected in Extension professionals today - loyalty, dedication, perseverance, and a keen sense of quality. Tracy's work ethic and dedication to Texas Cooperative Extension rivals that of any. She consistently reports for work at 6:00 a.m. in order to "accomplish as much as she can before the days normal interruptions start occurring". It has been said that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care...Tracy cares, and it shows!

State Early Career Service Award

Linda Jouridine - Click for a Larger Image Linda Jouridine joined Extension in 1999, and currently serves as an Assistant Professor and Extension Health Specialist with FDRM. Linda has made significant leadership contributions to youth and community health issues and provided lead support in an Asthma Management Project partnership with Bryan ISD. She secured funding, provided training and leadership for the Drug and Alcohol Prevention Strategies for Youth. She serves as co-chair of the Safe Youth Safe Communities Response Team.
No Photo Available for Toby Lepley
Toby Lepley currently serves as Extension Program Specialist-4-H headquartered at the 4-H State Office. Toby has also served as District 7 4-H Specialist and as a county extension agent in Victoria and Austin counties. Toby has served as coordinator for the Texas 4-H Roundup for the past three years, has helped develop the Texas 4-H Leadership Conference, and has been instrumental in introducing and developing computer technology and the Web for 4-H programming.
Ted McCollum - Click for a Larger Image Dr. Ted McCollum received a B.S. in Biology from Baylor University and a M.S. and Ph.D. from New Mexico State University in Animal Science. Ted began his career with Texas Cooperative Extension as an Extension Beef Cattle Specialist in July, 1995. Headquartered in Amarillo, Ted's primary responsibilities are in the Panhandle and South Plains districts as well as throughout Texas. Ted was instrumental in starting the Plains Nutrition Council and has served as a key leader in this organization. The Spring Plains Nutrition Council conference has become a major national meeting for feedlot nutritional consultants, technical services nutritionists from allied industry and academic professionals involved in nutrition and management of feedlot cattle. It was estimated that approximately 90% of the feedlot cattle west of the Mississippi River were represented at last year's conference. Ted has also been heavily involved in the development of the Beef Safety and Quality Assurance Program, is the coordinator of the Ranch to Rail North program.
Joe Outlaw - Click for a Larger Image Joe began his Extension career in 1995 as Extension Economist with both statewide and district responsibilities. In a short time, he has achieved national recognition with a number of major accomplishments. He is co-coordinator of the Texas Risk Management Initiative with direct responsibility for the FARM Assistance banner program. In addition, his programs on farm policy, land tenure arrangements, technology assessments, and crop insurance have been praised by county agents, farmers and ranchers, and other Extension clientele alike. He is sought after for the latest information on policy implications. Dr. Outlaw received all his academic training at Texas A&M University. He was selected to participate in the current Extension leadership development class.

State Mid-Career Service Award

Linda Ladd - Click for a Larger Image Linda Ladd joined FDRM in 1997 as an Associate Professor and Extension Family Development Specialist where she has been strongly committed to building life skills in first time juvenile offenders, and to supporting child care provider trainings across Texas and the nation. Her other contributions include leadership for character education including Heroes for Life, and serving as co-editor of a National Network for Child Care Newsletter.
Jackie Smith - Click for a Larger Image For over 17 years, Jackie Smith has developed and delivered educational programs with high impact. His leadership is evident in programs ranging from marketing to computer applications for the farm and ranch. An early pioneer in computer applications education, Jackie taught numerous hands-on workshops. He has been recognized nationally for his support of team education efforts in the use of technology for improved decision-making. He was instrumental in the establishment of the computer training center at Halfway. More recently, Jackie has been equally successful in making a significant difference for clientele through his work with local marketing clubs and the nationally acclaimed Master Marketer Program. Jackie has been very active in the Specialists' Association and was named President-elect by his peers in 1999. A graduate of Texas Tech, Jackie obtained his master's degree from the University of Florida and his doctorate degree from Oklahoma State University.
Janie Harris - Click for a Larger Image Janie Harris came to Extension in 1990 as an Extension Specialist - Passenger Safety. Since 1998, she has served as Extension Specialist - Housing & Environment with FDRM and still plays a leadership role for the Rural Passenger Safety Education program. Janie provides valuable expertise in promoting a safe and healthy home environment for Texans. She serves on several national committees focused on housing and environmental health issues. She has been instrumental in developing strong partnerships with state and federal agencies to facilitate programming.
Lillianne Goeders - Click for a Larger Image Lillianne began her career with Texas Cooperative Extension in 1993 as County Extension Agent - FCS in Kleberg and Kenedy counties. She transferred to Travis County in 1998 where she currently serves as County Extension Agent - 4-H Youth Development. Lillianne primarily serves as coordinator for the 4-H CAPITAL program in Austin, reaching over 20,000 under served youth. She supervises a staff of three full time and five part time Instructional Specialists who provide 4-H programming to youth in school based settings. Lillianne is very astute at garnering financial and human resources in support of the program, and in interpreting the Extension program to the public. . Her positive attitude and professional image make Lillianne Goeders a very deserving recipient of the ESP Mid-Career Award.

State Team Award--"Panhandle Agri-Parnters"

Bob Robinson accepts award for 
team - Click for a Larger Image PanHandle Agri-Partners
The Panhandle AgriPartner Program was launched in September 1997 as a means to enhance the agriculture industry's effectiveness in providing NOW information to producers. All applied research, result demonstrations and surveys are planned/evaluated by scientists or specialists. The information on all projects is electronically transferred each Thursday to district headquarters, analyzed, interpreted and distributed to producers on Friday through media outlets, newsletters and e-mail. To date over 600 projects have been implemented throughout the Panhandle. All major commodity groups and agribusinesses use and financially support AgriPartners. AgriPartners has received recognition throughout the state and nation including the Texas Cooperative Extension Superior Service Award, the TAMU Vice-Chancellor's Award in Excellence and the USDA Technology Transfer Award. This team consists of some 30 specialists and agents in the Panhandle.

State Retiree Service Award

Jennie Kitching - Click for a Larger Image Dr. Jennie Kitching retired from Extension as Associate Director for Human Sciences in 1999 with Emerita status. During her 36 year career with Extension, Dr. Kitching was a highly valued leader in her profession, and has continued to contribute great value to the mission and programs of Extension. Most notable has been her extensive efforts in organizing and cataloging material for the Extension archives. Dr. Kitching continues to be active in Extension organizations, and demonstrates the critical role that retirees can play in the support of Extension through maintaining involvement at the organizational level and through individual involvement in support of family well-being and community.

State Distinguished Service Award

Alma Fonseca - Click for a Larger Image Alma Fonseca has served as the Brazoria County Extension Agent for the past 7 years. She has also served as a State Extension Clothing Specialist and County Extension Agent in Willacy County. She has conducted a variety of educational programs to address safety, injury prevention, home-based business establishment, and community development. She is noted for her work with community task forces and coalitions to conduct child safety seat checkups, bicycle safety classes and rodeos, residential safety education, safe and sober alcohol awareness education classes, personal and home safety seminars, rural passenger safety seminars, and teen seat belt surveys. She has also been very instrumental in training Master Clothing Volunteers who in turn work with residents to help them establish home based businesses. She has also trained Master Parent Volunteers who serve as mentors for new mothers throughout the county. In addition, the community has been provided Hurricane Preparedness Seminars and Leadership Institutes.
Nancy Granovsky - Click for a Larger Image Over her 23 year career as an Extension Specialist, Nancy Granovsky has been at the helm of a wide range of endeavors spanning international, national, and state audiences, and focusing on improving the economic conditions of families. One of Nancy's most significant roles in Extension has been the development and maintenance of international Extension partnerships. Nancy has also worked extensively with the Operation READY program, serving military families during deployment, and with youth, families, and couples with financial management, consumer education, and retirement planning.
Bill Adams - Click for a Larger Image William "Bill" Adams, Harris County Extension Agent - Horticulture (Retired) - Bill served as an Harris County Extension Agent for 30 years until his retirement on November 30, 2001. He has conducted a variety of educational programs for horticultural producers and the residents of Harris County. Bill is noted for his mass media programs which of reached residents in Harris and surrounding counties. Regular appearances included: Good Morning Houston, The Ron Stone Show, weekly appearances on Channel 11 and Channel 13 News, and The Garden Series on PBS. He has written hundreds of magazine articles for publications including: Gardens and More, Texas Gardener, Flower and Gardens, Burpee Gardening, and Gardener's Companion. Bill has also maintained a series of educational programs including: Spring and Fall Gardening Schools, Landscape Design Festival, Market Gardening Symposium, and Team Tomato. In addition, he has trained thousands of volunteers through the Harris County Master Gardener Program and facilitated methods for these volunteers to return service to the community and the Harris County Extension Program.
No Photo available for Cheryl Brewer
Cheryl Brewer has served families and youth in four counties during her 27 year Extension career. Cheryl is the ultimate professional, an outstanding educator, team player and exceptional role model. Cheryl is a leader in health and family education in the Panhandle including a comprehensive food stamp nutrition education program, Walk Across Texas, beef education, and programming for older adults. Her strong commitment to bringing the university to the people through Extension education has provided a foundation for developing a network of collaborators and partners to meet the needs of families. Most notable among these are the Panhandle 5-A-Day Coalition, Beef Education Task Force, and Senior Ambassadors. In addition, Cheryl has been valuable to other agencies in conducting strategic planning utilizing her skills developed through Extension program development. Cheryl provides the kind of empowering leadership and support necessary for organizations to grow and prosper. Cheryl Brewer is one of Potter county's most valuable resources.

State Friend of Extension

Scott Swanson - Click for a Larger Image Mr. Scott Swanson from Harris County - Visionary leadership and a persistent will to succeed are the extraordinary aspects that define Scott Swanson's character and his role with the Texas Cooperative Extension. In 1981, Mr. Swanson was the first man in Harris County to serve on the Family Living Committee. Twenty years later, we have realized that this was the beginning of many firsts for him as a volunteer with our organization. In 1990, the Texas Agricultural Extension Service implemented the Urban Initiative and made a commitment to provide issue-based educational programs in the urban counties to Texas. As a part of this initiative, Mr. Swanson chaired the first county-organized Urban Advisory Committee. He provided input on the overall advisory committee structure and substructure that was recommended as a model statewide. In his capacity as Urban Advisory Committee Chairman, Mr. Swanson guided the first Long Range Extension Program study in Harris County. This study was the most successful and comprehensive Extension survey in an Urban Area in Texas to identify issues and needs. In 1994, Mr. Swanson attended the Big Cities Conference in San Diego and was one of two volunteers to help develop the Urban Task Force at the national Extension level. Currently, Mr. Swanson serves as the Chairman of the Harris County Extension Board of Advisors. Under this leadership, the board has redefined their direction and purpose. He has recruited new members that serve special needs of the board including experts in non-profits, grant writing, and education. Mr. Swanson has worked diligently to build lasting relationships and partnerships between Extension and a number of organizations in the state to secure permanent funding and support. Recently, he was instrumental in securing funding from a private foundation to support an Inmate Education Program.
Kay Ledbetter - Click for a Larger Image Kay Ledbetter has been the Farm and Ranch Editor of the Amarillo Globe News for the past eighteen years. The Globe News has a daily circulation of over 70,000 readers which covers the most intensive agricultural region of the state. She authors and edits a weekly Farm/Ranch section in the Sunday Amarillo Globe News and relies heavily on Extension specialists and agents for unbiased, research-based information. Her award-winning weekly editorial column, "Amber Waves" addresses "now issues" impacting agriculture, health, and life on the High Plains. The column was selected as the outstanding agriculture column in the nation by her peers, the National Agricultural Writers Association. Kay has served on both the Potter and Randall county Extension Program Councils. She is a state leader with organizations focusing on family issues serving as chairperson of the Texas National Guard Family Advisory Council and her church's affairs committee.

State Visionary Leadership Award

Martha Couch - Click for a Larger Image Dr. Martha Couch is the leader of the largest youth organization in Texas with over 1.2 million 4-H members enrolled. She has fostered the largest 4-H Scholarship program in the nation, which annually awards some $1,000,000 to 4-H members throughout Texas to pursue higher education. She provides dynamic leadership to enthusiastic, effective TCE 4-H faculty. Her coordination with District Extension Directors, County Extension Directors, County Extension Agents and Specialists throughout TCE can best be described as catalytic. Dr. Couch is an untiring effective leader/educator. Her work in advancing volunteerism is key in that TCE had some 160,000 volunteers to help extend our educational effort during the 1999-2000 program year. Her development of the 4-H Master Volunteer Program is making a huge impact in our outreach efforts. Although she leads such a large youth organization, her philosophy of "making a difference one child at a time" is the foundation to our 4-H program's effectiveness.

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